10 Alternate Endings To 2020 Movies You Almost Saw

How 2020's Biggest Movies Almost Ended. 

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The process of filmmaking is both collaborative and iterative, with hundreds of people working together to try and make a worthy project, which even in the case of great movies doesn't always go according to plan.

Whether in the scripting stages or deep into post-production, decisions are often made to change major aspects of the story, perhaps most commonly the ending.

Given that a movie's ending will leave audiences with a final departing impression either way, it's important not to screw it up, and to ensure it matches the tone and intent of what came before it.

And so, it's little surprise that 10 of 2020's biggest movies actually had their endings changed before release, either changing the main character's fate, scrapping a needlessly downbeat climax, or leaving the door open for a potential sequel.

In some cases it's clear the filmmakers made the right decision, while in others the more restrained original ending feels more appropriate, and then there are those few endings which sound bonkers enough that it's a shame we'll probably never get to actually see them...

10. Jon Hamm's Mister Sinister Arrives - The New Mutants

Kirsten Stewart Underwater
Channel 4

The New Mutants was undeniably one of 2020's most troubled releases, spending almost three years in production limbo before finally hitting cinemas last summer.

Yet in March 2018, just six months after the film wrapped, reports emerged that a planned post-credits scene had been scrapped, which would've introduced the antagonist Mister Sinister, as played by Jon Hamm.

Apparently all the material leading up to Hamm's reveal had been shot, though not the actual cameo by the actor himself, which was clearly intended to set up further films in the continuity.

Ultimately this was nixed, and Fox decided to replace Hamm's Mister Sinister with a cameo from Antonio Banderas as Sunspot's (Henry Zaga) father Emmanuel da Costa.

However, the Disney-Fox merger meant that none of the planned reshoots, including Banderas' cameo, ever took place, and so the film was eventually released with no post-credits scenes or A-lister cameos to speak of.

As perfect casting as Hamm might've been for Nathaniel Essex, given that The New Mutants was the death knell for Fox's X-Men continuity, it's just as well that the movie didn't tease something that would never be followed upon.


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