10 Alternate Horror Movie Deaths You Didn't Get To See

The best deleted horror movie deaths scenes! Cut moments from Final Destination, Halloween & more.

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Spectacular death scenes are the bread and butter of the horror genre. While little things like "plot" and "characters" and "filmmaking competence" are of course all important, if a slasher movie doesn't have inspired death sequences then it's not going to make an impact.

Naturally then a lot of work goes into figuring these bloody set-pieces out. With so much riding on them being as inventive and gory as can be (without the MPAA kicking up a fuss), it should be no surprise to learn that directors often shoot multiple versions of a character's demise.

These alternate scenes can arise for a bunch of different reasons. Sometimes the gore is too extreme and needs to be toned down. Other times the entire story shifts in post production, and death scenes need to be re-examined to not cause major continuity issues down the line.

As a result, all of the following death sequences give us a glimpse into the original visions for iconic horror movies. Some never made it past the scripting stage, others exist only in behind-the-scenes photographs, while a few are full on deleted scenes that were eventually unearthed, but they're all fascinating.

11. Honorable Mention: David Eats A Man's Head Like A Cake - The Lost Boys

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Now, I'm starting with this because there's tragically no footage of this cut scene, and the death in question isn't a big character, but it's too good to leave out.

In The Lost Boys, Kiefer Sutherland's vampire ringleader David makes no concessions for his violent killing of humans, but one cut scene would have highlighted the glee he takes in drinking blood. At one point he bites directly into a man's skull, but the kill was supposed to be longer, with David taking chunks out of the dude's head like he was eating a birthday cake.

According to the actor, this was one of his favourite scenes in the movie, explaining:

"The part of the scene that I loved the most was literally, it was like a cake: I ate the whole back of his head off and blood just went everywhere. I had been directed to just smile like a child having cake, and the two images were so frightening and scary."
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