10 Alternative Movie Endings Way Better Than What We Got

8. Paranormal Activity: The Police Gun Down Katie

I Am Legend
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Found-footage blockbuster Paranormal Activity had a jump scare up its sleeve right at the end, concluding with possessed Kate hurling Micah's lifeless corpse at the camera before her face turns all creepy and demonic.

Director Oren Peli actually filmed three endings and picked out what he thought was the best one, a call many fans feel he got wrong.

In one of the more subtle conclusions, Micah is killed off screen, leaving his ultimate fate down to the viewer's imagination. A confused Kate then re-enters the bedroom carrying a knife, and the police arrive on the scene moments later, shooting her dead.

This nuanced ending is the pick of the bunch, but the third finale, in which Katie uses that knife to slit her own throat in front of the camera is not without its gory merits.

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