10 Alternative Movie Endings Way Better Than What We Got

7. Fatal Attraction: Alex Frames Dan For Her Death

I Am Legend

It was never going to end well for Glenn Close's Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction, but she got everything she deserved after what she did to that rabbit.

In the movie's original ending, Alex takes a bullet to the head after attempting to kill Dan (Michael Douglas), courtesy of his faithful wife Beth (Anne Archer). The unseen epilogue presumably sees Dan welcomed back into his family's warm embrace.

But in the ending that wasn't show in theatres, Dan's infidelity had deeper consequences than a pot of rabbit stew. The alternative conclusion sees Alex commit suicide and frame Dan for murder. He's hauled off to prison and Beth later discovers an audio cassette tape alluding to his innocence (of the murder charge, at least).

This alternative ending works better as both Alex and Dan suffer consequence as a result of their chaotic, illicit affair. While prison seems a shade harsh for Douglas's character, that's the way the American justice system works sometimes.

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