10 Amazing 2019 Films That Didn't Get A Single Oscar Nomination

Looking beyond the Oscar nominees to find the best of the year remains vital.

jennifer lopez snubbed

The Academy can only nominate so many films in a year, and sometimes they get it right. Sometimes being a very important word.

But it's often very easy to predict which films will and won't catch the eye of voters, even if those that get overlooked entirely are actually some of the best that the year in film had to offer.

Not every great film is awards friendly, which is why venturing out beyond what the awards bodies consider to be 'the best' is still incredibly important. Some films go unfairly under the radar thanks to tiny releases or are overshadowed by its flashier competitors. And some are just straight up snubbed.

In terms of great films without a single Oscar nomination this year, there are more than a few slots to fill. Some of these, plain and simple, should have received nominations. Some of them are just great films not built up for awards success, but well worth the watch anyway.


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