10 Amazing 2019 Films That Didn't Get A Single Oscar Nomination

9. Honey Boy

jennifer lopez snubbed

People will look back on Honey Boy and wonder how the world let Shia LaBeouf down so shamelessly. At the very least he should have been considered for his incredible, deeply personal screenplay and perhaps even as a supporting actor.

Based on his own experience as a child actor, LaBeouf has a stunning comeback playing his own father at a pivotal point in his young career.

A festival darling with insanely positive critical response, it seemed poised to take the awards circuit by storm. Sadly, its buzz passed pretty quickly, and much like many other personal, heartfelt original films, it was swept under the rug.

Honey Boy is an intimate look at an incredibly volatile but inspiring relationship between father and son, with beautiful cinematography illuminating an otherwise small, dismal setting that the film makes its own.


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