10 Amazing 2019 Films That Didn't Get A Single Oscar Nomination

10. The Farewell


After all its success in terms of nominations from other awards bodies, the lack of The Farewell at the Oscars is something that can already be felt.

In an alternate universe, Awkwafina and Zhao Shuzhen would be picking up actress nominations left right and centre, and Lulu Wang's screenplay would be right there amongst the rest of the originals.

While sadly overlooked here, it was great to see Awkwafina get the recognition she deserves through her Golden Globes win. One of the finest breakout performances in recent memory, she's a surefire actress to watch.

A touching, personal story based on writer/director Lulu Wang's life, The Farewell is another film to add to A24's already long list of successful small films with a big impact. Exploring the difference in western culture when faced with tragedy back home, it's a unique and beautiful film not to be missed.


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