10 Amazing Films That Get Better The More You Think About Them

What movie made you love it the more you thought about it?

Spider Man No Way Home
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Films that don't live with us have failed. One can be bad, but if it made an impact, it's done its job. That's what filmmaking is all about. It is a form of communication, of delivering messages and feelings. If a movie goes right out of mind as fast as it went in it, then it was unable to fulfil its purpose.

Hell, even good movies can fail at this. You could sit through two hours of a genuine masterpiece, and yet still, once you leave the theater, not give it a second thought. The worst sin a film can make is being forgettable.

A lot of times the more we think about a movie, the more its flaws become glaringly apparent, knocking our opinion of them down a few ticks. What we're here to talk about today are the films on the opposite end of the spectrum, those that manage to not only live with us, but increase in quality the longer they inhabit our mind

Now, with that out of the way, let's take a look at ten amazing films that get better the more you think about them.

10. Drive

Spider Man No Way Home

Drive is, to put it frankly, too cool for school.

When an unnamed, lonely stunt/getaway driver gets involved in the lives of his new neighbors, Irene and her son Benicio, he finds his solitary life turned upside down after the husband is released from prison. As it turns out, he is in some serious debt to some seriously bad men, forcing Driver to risk everything to protect the only two people in the world who ever made him feel human.

The film is so much more than the crime flick it presents itself as. It is just as much a love story, if not more so, than one about the criminal underworld. Driver and Irene's relationship is the beating heart of the movie, with the narrative ultimately only moving forward through his unconditional love for Irene and his desire to do whatever it takes to keep her and her child safe.

Drive is first and foremost a film about lengths some of us will go to take care of those we love, even it means giving up everything we've ever wanted. Underneath all the hyper-stylized ultra-violence resides a story as old as time, one of love, passion, and pizza.


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