10 Amazing Horror Movies That Are Total Nonsense

We may have no idea what's going on, but we loved these horror movies all the same.

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When Hollywood has such a natural compunction to make easy-to-digest cinema, a film with an impenetrable story can be a major selling point - especially when it comes to horror. Anything that's beyond human comprehension can be frightening, so it makes sense why the genre often explores the surreal and otherworldly. 

And since we human beings are curious creatures, we're naturally drawn to the mysterious, the unknown, or the downright nonsensical. Eraserhead and The Shining don't exactly provide exacting explanations, but managed to become iconic all the same. In fact, it's possible such movies wouldn't have left as much of an impact if they spelt out their meaning for everyone to see.

Just to be clear (or unclear, in this situation), the entries on this list aren't just confusing, but sometimes incomprehensible. Even after watching a dozen breakdown videos or listening to the DVD commentary, making heads or tails of this bewildering bunch is like spending a few minutes in the Black Lodge.

Despite the fact these horror flicks are worth a look, don't expect to understand a single thing about them. 

10. Mystics In Bali

John Dies At The End
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Mystics in Bali earns its place in cinematic history since it's the first horror film to come out of Indonesia. However, the Southeast Asian flick also deserves recognition since it's one of the most deranged movies ever made. 

The garbled tale centres around an anthropologist called Cathy, who travels to Bali to study black magic. After encountering a witch, Cathy is transformed into a penanggalan - a flying vampire that disconnects her head from her body while her entrails hang from her neck. As she wreaks havoc on the town, the locals band together to stop to her.

Even though the story is unconventional to say the least, it's not incomprehensible... at first. Once the supernatural elements are introduced, Mystics in Bali can't go more than a few minutes without throwing in something zany, like humanoid pig transformations, screaming fireballs, floating trees, and wizard duels. 

Due to the abundance of silliness, it could be easy not to take Mystics in Bali seriously. However, these goofy moments create an effective juxtaposition when things take a dark turn (especially when the penanggalan attempts to feed on newborns).

The plot may be indecipherable at times, but it doesn't stop Mystics in Bali from being deeply entertaining.

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