10 Amazing Movie Scenes That Came Totally Out Of Nowhere

9. The Dance - Ex Machina

Burn After Reading Brad Pitt

Mid-way through Alex Garland's terrific sci-fi thriller Ex Machina, Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) has a tense interaction with tech CEO Nathan (Oscar Isaac), who both breaks and exacerbates said tension in the most surprisingly deranged manner possible.

Nathan promptly informs Caleb that he's wasting his time talking to Nathan's android servant Kyoko (Sonoya Mizuno), and insists he's better off dancing with her instead.

At this point, Nathan flips a switch in the room and music (Oliver Cheatham's "Get Down Saturday Night") starts blaring out while the room is bathed in funky neon lights.

Immediately, Kyoko starts dancing and Nathan joins in with her in eerily synchronised fashion, all while Caleb and we, the audience, are left stunned at the bizarre sight we're seeing.

Nathan even throws in a few hilarious quips such as "After a long day of Turing Tests, you gotta unwind," and "I'm gonna tear up the f**king dance floor, dude."

It's a funny, surreal scene on the surface, but of course darkly demonstrates the level of control that Nathan has over his android "companions." The first time you watch it, it's like a bucket of cold water to the face: surprising and deeply confusing.


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