10 Amazing Movie Sequels That Are Actually Being Made

Keep calm. Great sequels are a-coming.

Sequels are slippery things. While a phenomenal first movie can be turned into an amazing franchise by a sequel that ups the ante (see The Godfather), it's heartbreaking when a great movie is ground to dust by a pointless or below par follow up (Speed 2, we're looking at you). As for sequels that spiral on into eternity - the endless list of Die Hard movies, reels and reels of Rocky, yet another chance to watch Harry Potter wave a wand around - a silver bullet would be quicker and less painful than trying to explain to a director that it really, really is the right time to put that idea to bed. But what about when a sequel comes along that is completely unexpected? Sure, listen to the internet rumour mill and you'll believe that the original cast of The Crow are to be reunited (or in deceased lead Brandon Lee's case, reanimated) to star in the second coming of the cult 90s goth flick, but what about sequels that sound ridiculous but are actually...well, happening? In some cases, decades old classics are being dusted down and treated to a second installment in what is either a stroke of genius or the worst decision of all time. Elsewhere, bold directors are seeking to improve upon perfection by extending franchises so flawless they should be encased in glass and never touched. Here, then, are 10 movie sequels currently in production that are both brilliantly unlikely and guaranteed to have you biting your fingernails to the bone in anticipation.

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