10 Amazing Things Hidden In Se7en

There's a gluttony of Easter eggs hidden in this David Fincher classic...

New Line Cinema

David Fincher almost walked away from making movies after his directorial debut on Alien 3, a film that was panned by critics and by the man himself. Studio interference and multiple rewrites led to Fincher later disowning the film and returning to directing commercials and music videos.

That was until the script for Se7en came across his desk and brought him back to the movie business. And thank God it did, as Fincher has gone on to become one of the most respected directors of his generation, with Se7en still remaining a fan-favourite from his filmography to this day.

Released 25 years ago, Se7en revolutionised the thriller genre and became one of the '90s most iconic movies. It is fondly remembered for the shocking surrender of serial killer John Doe and the gripping ‘What’s in the box?’ closing sequence.

Oh yeah, spoilers by the way. Although if you haven’t seen it in the last quarter of a century and clicked on this article, then that’s really on you.

But even for those familiar with the film, Se7en is littered with subtle clues and hidden Easter eggs that even the most avid fans of the movie may have missed.


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