10 Amazing Trailers That Tricked You Into Seeing Terrible Sci-Fi Movies

9. Mortal Engines

If there's one thing Peter Jackson knows how to present, it's scale. The man behind the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies is a master at making things look bigger than Titans, mountains and skyscrapers combined, which is what made this flick seem like a cinematic adventure you didn't want to miss.

The trailer for 2016s Mortal Engines started with the visually bombastic treat of seeing the motorised city of London moving as a giant vehicle. It then eased into some world-building before introducing the main character, villain and plot. It's a dense trailer with a heft to every frame, making everything ranging from props to mechanical roaming cities feel weighty and industrial.

Sadly, even with all that in mind, the writing was still on the wall for this flick, as even in this pulse-pounding advert, it was clear that the plot would be as threadbare and generic as an attempted Hollywood franchise can be and that it certainly was.

The movie was a visual treat, but the narrative held barely any intrigue, and there was no emotional hook. It's worth watching if you want some spectacle, but to be honest, you'd be better off just watching this trailer and saving yourself a couple of hours.


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