10 Animated Disney Films That Made Big Changes To The Source Material

10. Beauty And The Beast

Based Upon: 'Beauty and the Beast' by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont The rose is symbolic in both Disney's 1991 classic film and the French fairy tale, albeit in different ways. In the original tale, Beast's rosebush is his prized possession from which Belle's father takes a rose from for her. This is Beast's reason for imprisoning him. In the film, the rose is his curse while Belle's desire is instead for books. The biggest difference between the two is the subject of the story of redemption. In the original, Belle who changes to become less shallow. The film sees Beast change, from vengeful to selfless. In the tale, Beast silently welcomed Belle's father until the stealing of the rose changes his mind. He still allows the rose to be taken to Belle, with jewels and fine clothes for her materialistic sisters, as long as he promises to return. Belle takes his place and is embraced by Beast. She dines with him every night but always refuses his proposals, instead wanting a handsome prince. In the Disney version, it is only when Beast saves her from the wolves that the good in him is seen, which he responds to by showing her his vast library. The endings vary due to the difference in antagonist. In the book, Beast allows a homesick Belle to leave for one week if she promises to return. Her sisters try to delay her, hoping that Beast will eat her alive. In the mirror, she sees him dying from heartbreak next to the rosebush. Disney use the mirror to check on her father, who dying after a wolf attack. He allows her to go after him and gives her the mirror to remember him by. Gaston, who takes the antagonist role in place of her sisters, attacks Beast after realising Belle's feelings for him. After both cases Belle confesses her love and thus breaks the curse.
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