10 Animated Disney Films That Made Big Changes To The Source Material

9. Cinderella

Based Upon: 'Cendrillon' by Charles Perrault The changes to Cinderella are plentiful from the original Brothers Grimm version. Even though Disney based their film around the Perrault version, the differences are still well worth reading. The Fairy Godmother is only in the Perrault version. The Grimm version has her dresses supplied by a tree that she has planted next to her dead mother's grave. The original - 'Cenerentola' by Giambattista Basile - also has a tree in the role, but the mother detail is absent. Notice that dresses is plural. This is because in both the original tales Cinderella attends three balls. When the prince, who isn't dubbed Charming, sees her on these numerous occasions he decides to find a way to keep her around. So he covers the stairs in pitch, causing the lost slipper, and not her rushing. The stepsisters also have a very different, and much darker, ending. In their attempts to claim the slipper as their own they cut off their toes and heel respectively so the slipper will fit on their feet. Initially they fool the prince, but on both occasions they were thwarted when birds (the choice of animal help, not mice) alerted him to the blood on their feet. Cinderella is eventually revealed as the owner and the two wed. The stepsisters attend the wedding to try and win her favour but while there they get their eyes pecked out by the birds.
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