10 Animated Movies That Should Have Won The Oscar For Best Animation (But Didn't Because The Award Didn't Exist Yet)

These amazing animated films were simply made too early to win an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.


The Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. It wasn't even an award until 2001 when the Academy introduced it as the newest category in its schedule.

For decades prior, The Academy's stance on animated film had been limited to just celebrating short projects in the medium. The award for Best Animated Short Film began in 1932, five years before Disney's Snow White was to become the first feature-length animation and popularise a whole new way of artistic moviemaking forevermore.

Since 2001, the award for Best Animated Feature has become a huge part of Oscar night, with some of the best films of the years gone by being animated.

Movies such as Toy Story 3 and Spirited Away have walked away with their golden statuettes on Hollywood's biggest night, but what about the animated movies before that? The ones that were every inch as good as what came after yet had little to no platform at the Oscars to shine?

Today, we rank 10 animated movies that deserve to have won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature - but didn't because the award didn't yet exist.


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