10 Annoying Movie Characters Whose Deaths We Enjoyed

carlbruner Death is commonplace in Hollywood movies; that goes without saying. There are gruesome deaths, peaceful deaths, elaborate deaths and tragic deaths. But some deaths are just downright entertaining (and, as morbid as that may sound, it's true!). Whether it's because the method of death was amusing, or because it was so epic, or simply because the character in question was something of a creep who deserved to die, some movie deaths have been highly enjoyable. With that in mind, here are 10 movie characters whose deaths we enjoyed, for one reason or another...

10. Trey (Freddy Vs Jason)

trey At the beginning of Freddy Vs Jason, Elm Street's old foe Freddy Krueger sends Jason Voorhees back to his old haunt to re-inspire the fear that the children of Elm Street have been medically subdued from experiencing. Jason's first kill in Elm Street is a special one. Annoying teenager Trey (Jesse Hutch) has just had sex with his girlfriend (Katharine Isabelle) and is acting obnoxiously - telling her he "doesn't like to be touched after" - and generally being a jerk. When Gibb goes in the shower, leaving Trey in bed alone laying on his front, Jason appears. It is quite satisfying when Jason rams his machete into Trey's back and genuinely humorous when he follows that up by bending the bed/mattress around Trey which, quite literally, snaps him in half. Serves him right for being such an obnoxious jerk.

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