10 Apocalypse Horror Movies That Don't Involve Zombies

9. Knowing

These Final Hours
Summit Entertainment

Another film featuring predictions of the end of the world, Knowing sees National Treasure alum Nicholas Cage once again deciphering clues and patterns discovered on an old, mysterious piece of paper; only this time, it’s the key to the upcoming apocalypse. Neat!

Unearthed from a 50-year-old time capsule and passed to the son of Cage’s MIT professor John, he quickly unravels that the rows and rows of seemingly random numbers are actually dates, death tolls, and coordinates for every large-scale disaster that has occurred since its creation. With three dates left, John becomes involved in two of the proposed events, and leaves convinced that the message is prophetic. Further investigation and consultation with the relatives of the girl who wrote it, John discovers further proof that a solar extinction event is coming, and so begins the quest to find a way to save as many people as possible.

This film has a genuinely bonkers plot twist of an ending, so we’ll end the spoilers here, because the insanity of Knowing’s ending really needs to be experienced untainted. Props for creating an apocalypse narrative and actually committing to it, though.


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