10 Awesome 2019 Movies You Probably Missed

You NEED to see these movies.

The Perfection

2019 was one hell of a year for movies, but as with any year, it's practically impossible to see every single great film that might appeal to your tastes, because there just isn't enough time in a day.

Fantastic films frequently get lost in the shuffle no matter how well-reviewed they are, yet you absolutely need to make sure these 10 movies are on your cinematic radar.

These films, all released either in cinemas or on VOD platforms over the last 12 months, represent some of the finest indie and mid-budget cinema that probably passed you by in 2019.

From stunningly ambitious genre films to appealingly low-key slice-of-life dramas and everything in-between, these are some of the year's best unsung movies that demand your attention.

They won't all be for everyone, for sure, but for adventurous film fans keen to take a breather from all the big-budget, CGI-soaked blockbusters and Oscar-baiting dramas they've gorged on as of late, they provide a welcome antidote...


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