10 Awesome Death Scenes From Awful Horror Movies

Horror is one genre that, like the rom-com, seems to get it wrong all too often, and some will argue that the genres are simply too played out; we've seen every imaginable scenario done time and time again, and so in the case of the horror film, often the only saving grace is a thrilling kill here or there. Given how even the most mind-numbingly scripted film can have an excellent effects department, it's no surprise that the gory kills often end up being the best moments, as they're clearly the parts that the filmmakers are the most interested in getting right. Do it wrong, and the film has no visceral impact whatsoever even if the film is good, but get it right and it can create an iconic moment regardless of whether the rest of the film is watchable or not. Here are 10 awesome death scenes from awful horror movies.

10. Deep Rising - Digestion

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmgn96uootU Stephen Sommers' sci-fi movie about a giant tentacled squid on board a luxury cruise liner might not be up to much in the scripting department or really any department, but it does have one awesome death that helps distinguish it from the countless Syfy Channel rip-offs that have recycled the same premise. Billy (Clint Curtis) is the poor soul who gets munched on by the squid, only to have his bloody, barely alive carcass be spat out in front of the surviving characters, who are resolutely disgusted. Billy screams in agony before turning to the camera to reveal that, yes, half his head is missing, and his hands aren't faring too well either, as one of them has pretty much dissolved through, presumably from the beast's stomach acid. Even the horrible line reading of, "Good God, it's Billy!" can't ruin this classic scene, which ends with Billy collapsing to the floor in a crumpled heap while his disturbed crew-mates get ready to fire upon the creature.
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