10 Awesome Deleted Scenes That Should've Been Restored

Prometheus gets a facelift (literally).

Prometheus Fifield

Deleted scenes released on home video and online can be a treasure trove of fascinating material for film buffs: even if a scene doesn't necessarily work within the context of a complete movie, it can nevertheless serve as a fun expansion of a movie's lore or characters.

Sometimes, however, a scene gets cut and released later that beggars belief and dismay that it wasn't included in the theatrically-released version. Now, this list intentionally doesn't include scenes that were restored in an Extended or Director's Cut, because honestly that's just a little too easy, nor will it include alternate endings, as they're simply too well-known to qualify.

Rather, this list focuses on those terrific deleted scenes that are relegated to low-quality DVD extras and YouTube videos until the end of time, when they would've added something significant, be it laughs, sustained tension or crucial character work to their respective projects.

Whether the director or the studio is to blame, here are 10 awesome deleted scenes that should've been restored...

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