10 Awesome Deleted Scenes That Should've Been Restored

10. Jonah Hill's Brokeback Mountain Rant - Knocked Up

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The Scene: Jonah (Jonah Hill) is watching Brokeback Mountain on TV, and complains to Alison (Katherine Heigl) that Ang Lee made the movie too sanitised as he didn't show any graphic gay sex. The rant goes on for about three beautiful minutes and it's nothing short of glorious, especially once Alison begins questioning Jonah's sexuality.

Why It Was Deleted: There's no official word on why, but it's almost certainly because the movie already clocks in a lengthy 129 minutes, and comedies over the 130 minute mark are rarely successful.

Why It Should've Stayed In: It hilariously underscores the double standards regarding hetero and gay sex in cinema, whereby graphic hetero sex is far more acceptable to the MPAA, whereas graphic gay sex tends to be slapped with the dreaded NC-17 rating. Making this point to the sort of audience who sees a Judd Apatow movie would've been a terrific work of social activism. Also, it happens to be damn hilarious.

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