10 Awesome Horror Movies That Make No Sense Whatsoever

Head-scratching, but also fantastic.

house 1977

You know what's overrated? Making sense.

Monty Python produced some of the finest comedy ever made without a shred of logic present. The Beatles pushed the boundaries of music with their Avant Garde approach to pop. Sweet and sour sauce? How can it be both? And how is it so delicious? We'll never know.

So, why should we apply so much thought to how coherent a horror movie is? Sure, standard narratives are great and all, but they're not always necessary to make a horror compelling.

Case in point, the ten films we've got for you here.

Through atypical story structures, mind-bending special effects, and plot points that defy nature, these movies are all utterly bonkers and thrillingly gripping all at once.

Whilst they definitely won't be everybody's cup of tea, if you like your horror with a side of strange, then they are definitely worth checking out.

Let's celebrate these unconventional horrors by... ranking them in a list. That goes from 10 to 1. In a completely normal way.

Dammit, we should have put the introduction at the end or something. That would have been cool.

10. House

house 1977

House is a 1977 experimental horror comedy from Japan with an emphasis on the word "experimental". The movie follows a group of schoolgirls at a country home slowly being picked off by a supernatural force.

This thing has the holy trinity when it comes to being odd.

First of all, most of the actors involved were amateurs, making for some very interesting performances. Second of all, it's an older movie, so the special effects are all over the place. Third of all, it was made in Japan, and they do things very differently over there.

Any anime fans out there will get that.

Sentient pianos, hovering heads, vomiting cats, this movie has it all. Even the trailer comes off like a total fever dream.

House has obtained a cult classic status and is much more popular today than it was when it was first released. It consistently appears in lists of Best Japanese Horror Movies and helped inspire the works of Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson.

If you've got a spare 88 minutes and can handle having your brains scrambled, then this is the movie for you.

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