10 Awesome Horror Movies Under 80 Minutes

8. Host

Host 2020

The earlier stages of the pandemic were certainly a test of horror filmmakers' creativity, and budding director Rob Savage put himself on the map immediately with his expertly crafted computer screen film Host.

Shot over 12 weeks on Zoom during the early months of the pandemic, Host focuses on a group of friends who inadvertently rouse a demonic entity during a séance over Zoom.

Clocking in at a ruthlessly efficient 56 minutes, Host is a perfectly bite-sized genre exercise that, while superficially familiar, so perfectly bottles the specificity of life under COVID.

And yet, the execution is thrillingly claustrophobic enough that it's a film likely to keep terrifying audiences long after the pandemic is an afterthought in most people's minds.

Savage followed up with a more divisive second film Dashcam, which nevertheless runs in at a similarly svelte 76 minutes.

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