10 Awesome Movie Jobs You Had No Idea Existed

Somebody is paid to keep the Blade Runner canon in check.

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Hollywood creates jobs for millions of people per year, from above-the-line actors and filmmakers to below-the-line crafts-folk such as electricians, costume designers, hair and makeup stylists, visual effects artists, sound mixers, and so on.

While the overwhelming majority of jobs working in movies are far more monotonous than the glamour of the industry might suggest, every so often a job title emerges that's so damn cool it's scarcely believable.

Though these jobs are often rarely written about due to their exclusivity, even their secrecy, now and then we might catch word of some of the fascinatingly rare job positions lucky folk can get working on films.

For starters, if you're a specialist in any obscure discipline you could end up hired to work on a film in an advisory capacity, earning you a rather daft credited title you can show off to your friends.

Elsewhere there are "lore-keepers" hired to work on major movie franchises and ensure the expansive stories are all kept in check, and even people employed to basically babysit A-list actors.

Whether they're undeniably hard work or just seem like a bit of a laugh, these movie jobs all sound pretty damn neat...

10. A "Cocktail Consultant" For The James Bond Franchise

star wars canon
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Any James Bond movie is an absolutely colossal production that employs hundreds of artists and tradespersons to bring 007's latest adventure to the big screen in fittingly epic fashion.

No Bond movie would be complete without the spy sucking down a cocktail or two, and while you might assume these drinks are just carelessly thrown together by a set dresser given how briefly they appear on screen, that's not the case at all.

Meet Erik Lorincz, the former head bartender of The Savoy's swanky American Bar, who has also worked as the "cocktail consultant" on Daniel Craig's last three Bond films.

After serving Bond producer Barbara Broccoli at the bar roughly a decade ago, she invited him to join the production of Skyfall to ensure that "when Bond's ordered a martini that it comes out perfectly."

Ever since, Lorincz has taught the actors playing the film's bartenders to create cocktails with the expertise of a veteran, at which point you have to consider why Lorincz didn't just play the parts himself and save everyone some time.

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