10 Awesome Movie Scenes Involving Games

9. Blackjack (Swingers)

swingers Blackjack, or 21, is a simple casino game that anyone with the math skills of a 6-year-old could play. If one were so inclined, they could even learn to count cards and even take thousands or millions from the casino, just like the MIT group in the book Bringing Down the House, or its unapologetically un-Asian film version 21. But unlike in Bringing Down the House with brilliant players who act sophisticated and bet thousands of dollars per hand, the film Swingers shows Mikey and Trent taking a weekend to that famous city of Vegas, baby, Vegas. Mikey is awkward, not knowing how to exchange money with the dealer and working with multiple small denomination bills that net him only a few meager betting chips. But although his doubling down does not go well, the Vegas trip sets off a series of events that result in Mikey ultimately coming to know himself as a man, get over his ex-girlfriend and truly be the big winner in the casino.
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