10 Awesome Movie Sequels (That Don't Make Sense At All)

9. Ash Is Enslaved (Even Though Everyone Knows He's The Chosen One) - Army Of Darkness

army_of_darkness_1 The Evil Dead series follows the exploits of former supermarket employee turned groovy badass named Ash Williams, whose destiny is to battle against zombie-like creatures called Deadites, because these movies were written and directed by Sam Raimi, and that's what he likes. In the third installment, Army of Darkness, Ash finds himself teleported back to Medieval England, but because he's all modern and has a chainsaw for a hand, he's enslaved by the locals at the beginning of the movie, until he's given the chance to prove he's the chosen one later on. But think back to the end of Evil Dead II, a movie that actually ends with Ash being flung back through time into a portal and landing in said Medieval times. Here, the locals are attacked by a flying beast monster, and Ash takes it down with a blast of his boomstick. Seeing this, Ash is hailed by the knights, which is how the movie finishes: with Ash being declared a hero ("He who has come from the skies to deliver us!"). So why, when Army of Darkness begins, has this moment been forgotten entirely? Nobody has any memory of this part at all. How, in the space of a few minutes, does Ash go from awesome hero to somebody who is deemed a traitor?

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