10 Awesome Movie Trailer Moments That Were Cut From The Film

These awesome money shots didn't make the final cut... for some reason.

Nightcrawler Jake Gyllenhaal
Open Road Films

Movie marketing is of course intended to sell a film to audiences by any means necessary, and studios have proven they're certainly not above giving away all the money shots for free or even flat-out lying about the true content of their new film.

But the motives aren't always totally malevolent, and for whatever reason an awesome-looking shot from a film's trailers sometimes doesn't end up in the final cut.

Perhaps the director decided the sequence wasn't fully working or maybe there were pacing issues which prevented its inclusion, or there could've been some intervention from the studio higher-ups.

No matter the reasoning, these 10 movie trailers all included jaw-dropping, show-stopping moments which were conspicuously absent in the final version of the film audiences paid money to see.

It didn't ruin anyone's night that these scenes were missing, but still left viewers scratching their heads that such memorable, even iconic imagery didn't end up in the film.

From pulse-racing action sequences to stunning single shots, awesome one-liners, and everything in-between, these trailer moments remain lodged firmly in the minds of anyone who ever saw them...

10. Ethan Flies A Chopper Into Traffic - Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Nightcrawler Jake Gyllenhaal
Paramount Pictures

Though one could be forgiven for assuming that a blockbuster as action-packed as Mission: Impossible - Fallout left nothing on the cutting room floor, that's actually not the case at all.

The film's trailers showcased two high-wire action beats which were suspiciously absent from the film, the more memorable of which saw Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) flying a damn chopper low to the ground and almost colliding with an oncoming truck.

This is presumably taken from the film's lengthy climax where Ethan indeed commandeers a chopper, though there's no word on why director Christopher McQuarrie cut such an insane-looking moment.

He also removed a sequence earlier in the movie where Hunt is seen swinging around a nightclub after the cable he uses to rappel down appears to snap.

Considering that the final film clocks in at a hefty 147 minutes, it's perhaps most likely these scenes were cut for pacing's sake, even if it's clear that a pretty penny was spent on executing them.


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