10 Awesome Movie Twists You Can Legitimately Ruin For People

10. It€™s Insignificant In The Overall Plot - Saw

SawThe Twist: Jigsaw is the dead guy on the floor. It€™s hard to forget after series became a strung up mess existing only to throw fake guts at the screen to make the audience€™s convulse that the first Saw actually had quite an interesting plot. There was a warped morality at play and with flashbacks and numerous narrative strands it had you engaged in the plot even if you weren't a torture hound. Final moment twists would end up defining the series as it drew to conclusion, often meaning we got confused plots contrived just to make them exist, but the first was so brilliant it defined the franchise. But what exactly about the first makes it ripe for spoiling? One thing you can praise the sequels for is that they actually preserve the twist. They obviously don€™t play coy with who Jigsaw is, but the fact he€™s in the room with the two victims isn't really alluded to. You could see all the marketing for the series, see Tobin Bell€™s face plastered everywhere, and still come away shocked at the end of the first. So why is it OK to ruin? Well because in the grand scheme of Saw it€™s not really a twist; it€™s the equivalent of Ben Kenobi being Obi-Wan. Odds are if you€™re checking out Saw now you€™re more interested in gore or seeing an initially average franchise fall apart, not its storytelling.

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