10 Awesome Movie Twists You Never Saw Coming

It's not easy to craft a twist that fools an audience, but when it's done right, it's movie magic!

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When you sit down and think about your favorite movie, most don't have surprising twists. Sure, there may be an interesting revelation, but for something to be described as a twist, nay, one of the most awesome twists you never saw coming, it has to be truly special.

A twist like that has to make the majority of the audience gasp in surprise when it's finally revealed, and few movies have managed to do this well. Most barely scratch the surface in doing it partially okay, but the ones that crack the code and create a truly memorable twist, are something to behold.

There have been a lot of great twists thrown at audiences in the middle or at the end of some of the best films ever made, but most movies leave them out. After all, it's not easy to do well, which is why most filmmakers prefer to leave them to other people.

These ten movies contain some of the greatest twists in Hollywood history, and they pop up in all kinds of genre from science-fiction to fantasy to the surreal and action-packed. Twists aren't the property of any genre of movie, and across all the many genres of film, these ten movies managed to do it better than the rest.


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