10 Awesome Movies From 2017 You Probably Missed

9. Colossal

Wind River

And the award for most bizarre film premise ever goes to...

Because Colossal features a plot about a depressive, alcoholic young woman (played by Anne Hathaway) who comes to realise she is somehow connected to a giant monster unleashing hell on South Korea. If you're wondering where a plot like that came from, or who the hell financed this picture, then join the queue.

That said, we should be thankful that Colossal got made, because it's proof that someone, somewhere is still willing to front the cash for properly weird films.

The reason you might have missed Colossal, of course, stems from the fact that it didn't receive a wide release, nor did t get much advertising. Not to mention that the odd nature of its plot presumably had people wondering what exactly they would be paying to see. Is this a drama? A satire? A comedy? A sci-fi?

The best answer to this question, perhaps, is "all of the above," and yet against the odds it's a hybrid that - for the most part - works. Hathaway gives a characteristically reliable performance as Gloria, a down on her luck writer, whilst the film itself manages to approach well-worn subject matter in a way that is totally original.


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