10 Awesome Movies With 99% On Rotten Tomatoes

So close.

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Though it's fair to say that audiences as a whole may have a slightly unhealthy relationship with review aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes - which boil a critical consensus down to a single number - these sites do nevertheless provide a snappy summation of a movie's general critical perception.

Scoring a "perfect" 100% rating on the site is extremely difficult, especially in more recent times where the Tomatometer has invited a wider and more eclectic roster of reviewers, such as YouTubers.

The only major recent films to receive more than 200 reviews and still hold 100% are Leave No Trace and Paddington 2, with a couple of dissenters typically dropping excellent films down a percent or two.

And so, there are a number of terrific films holding the illustriously close 99% rating, where were it not for a few vocal contrarians, they would all enjoy an historic level of universal acclaim.

These 10 films all absolutely deserve that precious 100%, but it's safe to say that their esteem with audiences is sure to endure long beyond any hand-wringing about numbers.

An honourable mention of-sorts also goes to Martin Scorsese's incredible upcoming gangster flick The Irishman, which at the time of press is currently hovering around the 98-99% mark, though with its release imminent, it's tough to imagine that score sustaining - if only on the basis of its beefy 209 minute runtime...

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