10 Awesome Movies With 99% On Rotten Tomatoes

10. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

Though not quite Pixar's very best effort - the first two Toy Story movies both rock 100% scores - Finding Nemo is nevertheless one of the studio's most charming and visually ambitious projects to date.

It also went on to win Pixar's first-ever Best Animated Feature Oscar, of which they've now snagged a total of nine.

As with the very best Pixar joints, this aquatic road trip movie walks a tonal tight-rope walk, melding its broader comedy elements with some genuinely upsetting flirtations with darkness.

And if you've had the chance to check out the movie on 4K yet, you'll know just how absurdly well its visuals have aged.

The vocal performances, especially those of Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks, are splendid, accentuating one of Pixar's most creative and free-wheeling scripts yet.

Of the 263 reviews on the Tomatometer, just two are negative, with Salon claiming that it "works terribly hard for every scrap of charm or humor it imparts."

Quite how any critic could bring themselves to give such a loveable and vibrant piece of work less than three stars is, honestly, unconscionable.

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