10 Awesome Movies With Unforgivable Plot Holes

Ah, the plot hole. The bane of any fanboy's existence, the consistently debated and raged over mistake that occurs so regularly in the world of cinema. The greatest films in history have featured momentarily lapses in concentration by the greatest directors. Making a film takes an incalculable amount of time and dedication to the craft, and it's not surprising that some fail to keep a grip on every aspect of their creation. Many plot holes escape the scrutiny of many, falling by the wayside amongst the positive traits of a movie, whilst others are glaring, rotting splinters spoiling what may come close to perfection. In this article we'll take a look at films that survive in spite of a plot flaw(or several), flying high with a chain of errors tied to their neck, maintaining a good reputation for its superb elements. Many in the audience do not see what flies in their faces, their eyes glued to the good, but there will always be the more pedantic of film fans spotting even tiny plot flaws. Here are a few not so tiny ones, that may not have spoiled excellent films, but certainly proved to be a fly in the ointment.
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