10 Awesome Movies With Unforgivable Plot Holes

10. Edward Scissorhands

At the end of the film, we see Edward carving some beautiful ice sculptures in the top floor of his mansion. It's a heartwarming closer to the film, so it's easy to smile glibly without thinking; how did he get the ice up there? First of all, the film, and mansion within, exist in a warm climate and there doesn't appear to be a freezer up there in the castle. He couldn't have gotten ice from town because well, he can't grip it because of his scissorhands, and he had absolutely no friends to help him carry it up there, as everyone was convinced he was a murderer. In fact, he would have been arrested on sight due to this, so leaving his mansion to get some ice would have proved extremely foolhardy. And Kim didn't bring it to him because she told her granddaughter in the end that she never saw him again after that night. So where did he get that ice?
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