10 Awesome Movies You Won't Believe Got A Rotten Rating On RottenTomatoes

These should have been Certified Fresh.

On the internet people want their information quick and easy to digest, hence why RottenTomatoes has become on of the definitive film review websites. An essential bookmark for any film fanatic, they take all the major reviews for every movie and provide a succinct summary and rating out of 100, making figuring out whether a film is good or not easier than ever before. RottenTomatoes compiles its Tomatometer scores in a rather simplistic way that gives a nice and understandable output. A review is either marked as good or bad (as a rule, 1 and 2 stars is bad, 3 to 5 is good) and these scores are aggregated, with the percentage representing the amount of critics who liked the film. There's no way it can be misread. Well, most of the time. Like any algorithm it's not without its problems. Unlike Metacritic the opinions aren't weighted, meaning an average 3 star review counts the same as a 5 star piece praising a masterpiece, so quite often we can end up with rather skewed results. Normally this means that films end up appearing better than they are - Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull has an obscene 78% - which is annoying, but not site-breaking. In fact, any real issues with how a film is viewed tend to come from the critical reviews, rather than RottenTomatoes' process itself. And to that end, there's plenty of great films that just don't get the plaudits they deserve. Labelled "Rotten" by the site, these ten films are anything but and really deserve a reappraisal.
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