10 Awesome Movies You Won't Believe Got A Rotten Rating On RottenTomatoes

10. Home Alone

Tomatometer Rating: 54% That's right, Home Alone, that essential piece of Christmas viewing for anyone aged under thirty, is rated Rotten. OK, so it's not quite as timeless or impeccably made as It's A Wonderful Life or Miracle On 34th Street, but it's still a quality family film, delivering fully on just about any area it steps into; the balance of slapstick and sentimentality is carefully executed. Obviously heavy doses of nostalgia make this a hard film to evaluate impartially, but even a cynic can find things to enjoy in here. Macaulay Culkin's star-making role of Kevin McCallister gives just about everything you want from a child actor - cuteness and believability - and given Joe Pesci had just delivered an Oscar-winning performance in Goodfellas a couple of months earlier, seeing him a child-friendly villain (essentially no swearing) is a treat. There's obviously the notable handicap that Home Alone was release before RottenTomatoes was created, meaning the reviews compiled are far from exhaustive. However, the fact that various contemporary reviews (a shocking number negative) have been counted means the film should still be mentioned. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York sits even lower on a meagre 24%. Now it's not as brimming with joy as the original, at points becoming a simple remake, but Tim Curry as a concierge is funny enough to make the whole thing worthwhile.
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