10 Awesome Scenes In Awful Movies

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Though most of us are quick to write off bad movies, occasionally viewers are forced to admit that despite 95% of the film sucking, one single, solitary scene had actually had some thought put into it, and was therefore actually pretty damn entertaining/clever/fun/whatever. It's as though a buddy suggested an idea to the writer of each film, and therefore generated the only idea in the film actually worth a damn. After all, if the writers were actually capable of writing one entertaining scene, why could they not just hash out a few more? Here are 10 awesome scenes in awful movies...

10. Samuel L. Jackson Dies - Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea is an easy target for critique given that even those who like it will attest to the fact that it's a cheeseball B-movie without a whole lot going for it. Renny Harlin's film was nevertheless a pretty poor production all-around; direction was flat, dialogue was mostly risible, and the performances were maddeningly inconsistent, ranging from awful (LL Cool J) to uproariously entertaining (Samuel L. Jackson). Jackson's immense charisma is given its full thrift in the film's most iconic scene, in which Jackson's character attempts to deliver a rousing, inspiring speech to the downtrodden heroes. However, the killer shark promptly crashes the party, snacking on Jackson in the most absurd fashion possible, and delivering the one genuinely surprising, hilarious, brutal moment of the film. After you get past this one, it's all downhill from here...

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