10 Awesome Space Movies That Are Better Than Interstellar

10. Moon

If ever you needed any proof that you don't need a gigantic budget to produce an effective and thought provoking science fiction movie, Duncan Jones's directorial debut Moon, starring Sam Rockwell, provides all the evidence you need. Set - predictably - on the moon, Rockwell stars as the astronaut charged with maintaining an automated lunar facility which collects helium-3 to use as an energy source in place of earth's dwindled supply of oil. Alone on the orbiting rock, he suffers from hallucinations and after an accident discovers a vault full of human clones. The ever-underrated Sam Rockwell delivers a sterling performance which holds Moon together from start to finish, enunciating the increasingly fractured state of mind of a person living in such isolated conditions, while the philosophical dilemma posed by the cloning adds a futuristic note to his agonizing dilemma. Moon is a minor masterpiece and a stunning directorial debut.

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