10 Awesome Train Wreck Scenes In Films That Are TOTAL Train Wrecks

9. Money Train - Rolling Out Of Control

Hey look, if you like cheesy, cliched buddy-cop action movies, then Money Train is certainly one to add to your watchlist, if you're not a fan of that subgenre, you're really not missing out on much here.

Released In 1995, Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes reunited for the first time since 1992's cult classic White Men Can't Jump. In this film, Snipes and Harrelson are the ultimate cliched cop partnership. Snipes is a by-the-book, transit cop in New York City whereas Harrelson is a reckless, loud-mouthed gambling addict who decides to rob the "money train" that carries all of the Transit Authority's intake.

Snipes, of course is torn between enforcing the law and being loyal to his foster brother. The fact that they're brothers and both cops is an interesting angle on this movie but that's where the creativity ends. Essentially it's just a regurgitated film plot that has been done before but a thousand times better apart from THAT train wreck scene, though!

Titled, the Forty Ton Somersault, this scene is a bit like putting a diamond on a turd. The diamond itself is pretty to look at but, it's hard to see past the rest of the poop.


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