10 Awful Films American Horror Story Actors Want Us To Forget

Awful films that stars of American Horror Story won't be including on their CV.

Emma Roberts American Horror Story
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From a haunted house, vampiric hotel, and a blood-spattered summer camp, raunchy horror anthology series American Horror Story has delighted viewers with darkly twisted tales for nine seasons. And with a tenth instalment currently in the pipeline, fans can look forward to seeing what creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk can come up with next.

Alongside all the pulpy horror and gripping narratives that has made the show such a big hit since it debuted back in 2011, the show just wouldn’t be the same without the fabulous ensemble cast who bring these stories to life.

Seeing show regulars like Peter Evans, Emma Roberts, and Sarah Paulson work their magic every season is something fans look forward to with every new outing. But even these multi award-winning and highly acclaimed actors have been in their fair share of box office bombs, too - some of which they'd probably rather we'd forget about entirely.

Though these critical failures in no way diminish the incredible talent that these stars have proven to possess, these are some truly horrifying films that these actors definitely won't be including on their CV any time soon.

10. The Nun - Taissa Farmiga

Emma Roberts American Horror Story
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Appearing in Murder House, Coven, Roanoke, and Apocalypse, AHS veteran Taissa Farmiga has quickly established herself to be a formidable rising talent. in the world of acting. Not long after making her television debut on AHS, Farmiga has went on to feature in other well-received projects including The Final Girls, 6 Years, and The Mule.

Arguably, though, her biggest breakthrough role was in blockbuster horror The Nun, which also happens to be her worst.

A spin-off entry in the ever-expanding Conjuring Universe, The Nun took viewers to a Romanian monastery in the 1950s where a priest (Demian Bichir) is sent to investigate the ghostly goings on that have happened there. Accompanied by nun-in-training Sister Irene (Farmiga), the pair gradually piece together the monastery’s dark past and must find a way to put a stop to the demonic presence that’s been tormenting them since their arrival.

Though this flick has been praised for its striking Gothic atmosphere, this film has nevertheless become another forgettable affair.

Despite Farmiga giving a thoroughly solid performance throughout, a slew of predictable (and often hilarious) jump scares alongside a threadbare narrative subsequently rob all intrigue from this investigative mystery.


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