10 Awful Films Arrow Actors Want Us To Forget

Which parts of their resumes do Arrow actors want to fire a boxing glove arrow at?

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When Arrow first hit screens in 2012, viewers could tell this was not going to be the sort of superhero show they were used to. Oliver Queen was a man with a mission, and that mission was all that kept him from falling to the horrors of the trauma he'd survived. Not everybody was going to survive that mission, and the illusion of a hero who had lines he wouldn't cross was swiftly shattered when Oliver started leaving a trail of bodies behind him.

Even while Stephen Amell was salmon-laddering his way into the hearts of women everywhere, nobody could tell just how big the Arrowverse would grow in future. Spin-off shows The Flash, and Legends Of Tomorrow were soon joined by Supergirl, Black Lightning, and Batwoman. And while the verse has had its share of ups and downs, the actors in that flagship show should be proud of what they helped to create.

If only the same could be said for everything on their resumes. From forgettable roles in short films to movies that should never ever have been made, these are the films that Arrow actors wish had been erased in the Crisis.

10. David Ramsey - Accidental Love

Originally cast as John Diggle, Oliver's driver and bodyguard, David Ramsey's role in the Arrowverse is still expanding. Diggle has grown into Oliver's brother in arms and the show has even embraced a fan theory that he was the Arrowverse version of John Stewart, the Green Lantern. Outside of the Arrowverse, Ramsey has had roles in several good films, but the ones that went bad, went really bad.

Take Accidental Love, a romantic comedy in which the main character is a waitress who gets a nail stuck in her brain and starts acting in unusual ways that lead to her finding love.

Major financial issues plagued the production and saw it shut down no less than 14 times, the producers were forced to accept 50% pay cuts, and crucial scenes were never filmed. When Capitol Entertainment went bankrupt, the film was bought by Millenium Entertainment, recut, and released seven years after production began. At that time writer and director, David O'Russell sued to have his name removed from a project that was far different to the film he'd imagined.

Even ignoring the terrible implications about consent, there's no denying that Accidental Love ended up an awful film.


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