10 Awful Films Harry Potter Actors Want Us To Forget

Bellatrix as an ape? Draco as The Boogeyman? What else should we obliviate?!

The Bling Ring

If you could ask any young actor what their dream franchise to star in would be, it's certain quite a few would mention the Wizarding World. The Harry Potter series has turned almost all of its actors into stars and was filled with incredibly respected names, from Diagon Alley to Hogwarts itself.

However, no one can stick to one franchise for the rest of their life, and after Harry Potter came to an end, there were plenty of actors who ventured off into the world, hoping to find success. In many cases, they did, with great movies like The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and plenty more. Sadly, not everyone's time outside of Hogwarts could be as magical as others.

The following ten movies are some of the worst exploits that the students and staff of Hogwarts found themselves embroiled in. Whether it's because their performances were poor or the quality of the flick itself was embarrassing, it's safe to say these performers will hope you look towards their time wielding wands rather than these messes.

10. Toys - Michael Gambon

The Bling Ring
20th Century Fox

Dumbledore himself - Gambon, not Harris - has had his fair share of poor movies, but among the worst is this incredibly odd Robin Williams comedy. He doesn't even have the luxury of fading into the background, as he takes on the primary antagonist role.

The movie takes place after the head of an influential toy company dies and passes the business onto his brother - a decorated war general played by Gambon - instead of his son (Robin Williams). Gambon chooses to transform the company into a manufacturer of "war toys", which Williams fights to end.

Like many poor Robin Williams movies, the flick is filled to the brim with a sense of sentimentality and quirkiness, but it just comes across as awkward. The forced humour doesn't land, and there's a deliberately plastic aesthetic that seems to reflect how lifeless and hollow the performances are.

Gambon's over-the-top performance and poor accent work turns him into a caricature rather than a compelling villain. As one of the UK's most decorated actors, he'd likely prefer you remember him as the head of Hogwarts rather than the head of Zevo Toys.


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