10 Awful Films The Lord Of The Rings Actors Want You To Forget

Some of these actors are lucky they ended up in Middle-Earth.

The Last Witch Hunter

The Lord of the Rings had one of the most daunting productions in the history of cinema.

Because nothing of this scale had ever been attempted, few had any faith in the project. Amazingly, director Peter Jackson managed to create one of the most celebrated trilogies of all time.

The three films generated billions of dollars, helped the fantasy genre become mainstream, and did JRR Tolkien's book justice. (I mean, his son, Christopher Tolkien, hated the movies but let's not get into that.)

The Lord of the Rings also catapulted many of its actors' careers, turning up-and-comers like Orlando Bloom and Andy Serkis into instant Hollywood stars. Consequently, it's only natural that if you loved Andy Serkis' groundbreaking performance as Gollum or Christopher Lee's perfect portrayal as Saruman, you'll probably want to check out some of their other work.

But be warned. You should never watch a movie just because there is an actor in it that you admire. It doesn't matter how talented a performer is. At one point or another, the most gifted stars have found themselves in some real stinkers. If you still want to check these films out, don't pretend we didn't warn you.

10. Jonathan Rhys-Davies (Gimli) - Anaconda 3: Offspring

The Last Witch Hunter

Okay, Anaconda was a bad movie but at least Jon Voight's preposterously over-the-top performance made the film watchable.

Even though the first entry set the bar unrealistically low, the sequels are somehow worse, especially Anaconda 3: Offspring. The plot centres around an industrialist, played by Jonathan Rhys-Davies, who funds a secret experiment on snakes that could cure terminal illnesses in humans. This experiment leads to one anaconda growing to monstrous size until it breaks out of the facility and wreaks havoc on the area.

Now, if you were expecting dreadful plot, cheesy dialogue, and annoying characters, that's all there. But since this unnecessary sequel came out 11 years after the original, you'd expect the special effects to be a little better, right?

Well, somehow, they're worse than the first movie (even though CGI was in its infancy at the time). Watching Jonathan Rhys-Davies screaming in terror upon seeing the appallingly rendered snake is hilarious.

Sadly, you can't feel bad for the Welsh-born actor for starring in such a dud since he reprised the role in the equally dreadful sequel, Anaconda: Trail of Blood.


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