10 Awful Films The Office Actors Want Us To Forget

The movies your favourite The Office stars don't want you to see.

Curly Sue Steve Carell
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NBC’s adaptation of The Office was one of the great ensemble comedies of our time. Starting off focussing on a love story, an irritating boss, and a lunatic colleague, over nine years the show expanded to take in a beautifully varied collection of weirdos, fools, and dreamers, from accounting to HR and whatever Creed’s job was supposed to be.

Many of The Office’s stars and secondary players have gone on to great careers. Steve Carrel and Amy Ryan are Oscar nominees; John Krasinski is a creditable director, Mindy Kaling has created another three shows and counting, and B.J. Novak is a best selling author with a Tarantino movie to his name. Most Office graduates have enviable CVs.

But then there’s the stuff that you don’t boast about. The movies that flopped, that failed to live up to expectations, which saw you retreading the same ground you were walking in your day job, only much less funny and far less interesting.

You’ve got to take the good with the bad in the fast moving world of Hollywood, but if they had it their way, these Office stars would prefer that we didn’t talk about these particular movies. Sorry, but we’re going to.

10. Baywatch

Curly Sue Steve Carell

Oscar Nunez doesn’t have a major role in Baywatch, but he does portray a character key to the story, and for that, he should most certainly consider finding new representation. The Office accountant portrays the corrupt councilman Rodriguez, whose death is a major plot point in 2017’s most tedious big screen comedy.

It’s not Oscar Nunez’s fault that Baywatch is so bad, of course, but some of us paid good money to see the film in the cinema, and for that, justice must be done. Director Seth Gordon (who made the peerless King Of Kong) should have had a hit on his hands, a goofy, nostalgic reboot of a fondly remembered TV property a la 21 Jump Street.

Instead, he had a laughless mess of epic proportions. The combined charisma of Dwayne Johnson and Zach Efron, both in theory perfectly cast and more than capable of comedy, couldn’t save this disaster.

The real tragedy is that this is the biggest movie on the talented Nunez’s resume. You can’t really turn work like that down - though he really should have.


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