10 Awful Horror Movies That Need To Be Remade

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and horror movie remakes!

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Movie remakes are something each genre has to deal with, but none seem to do it more than horror. The act of remastering a classic franchise or a famously missed opportunity is as synonymous with the genre as slashers, monsters and teenagers getting their summers ruined.

On the surface, these remakes are something to be feared, as the likes of Halloween (2007), A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) and The Wicker Man (2006) *shudder* are prime examples of how easy it is to mess them up. However, while it's certainly risky, there's still a boatload of rewards available for a scary flick that can get remade right.

There's plenty of promise in re-treading past mistakes, as proven by movies like IT (2017) and Suspiria (2018). Hell, even the world of Hell has a promising reboot on its hands, with the upcoming Hellraiser movie looking like a possible return to form for the franchise.

It's safe to say plenty of horror movies have squandered their promise and delivered something that's miles short of their potential. So, why not give these flicks the Jason Voorhees treatment, and bring them back from the dead for another go around?

10. The Pyramid

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Realistically, the found-footage genre is something that shouldn't be tough at all. Sure, you'll rarely get anything profound out of it, but fun (and spooky) times will always ensue when you've got a shaky camera, a good premise and some big old scares. With that being said, why is this movie so crappy?

The Pyramid follows a team of intrepid archaeologists who get trapped inside an Egyptian pyramid. They record themselves as unspeakable creatures hunt them down. It's a straightforward concept that should be effective, but the clunky dialogue, terrible lighting, awful VFX and many other problems make it unbearable to watch.

Despite the movie being such a bust, there's still so much good in this concept. The mythologically inspired villains are something entirely different from the zombies and demons horror fans are used to. Thus, a decent remake could not only create an effective scary flick but also explore some fascinating facets of Egyptian mythology.

Plus, god forbid, the movie doesn't even need to be found-footage. Just seeing people attempting to survive in a harsh environment like a haunted pyramid, with some solid acting and great monster designs, would be enough to send any horror nut home happy.


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