10 Awful Horror Movies That Need To Be Remade

9. Silent Hill

Wishmaster movie

It has been a decade since the last Silent Hill game release, and Konami hasn't made it easy for fans. Many expected a new title to be announced at the recent Tokyo Game Show, but it's still dead on that front. So, one way to please players could be to give the movies another go.

While video game to movie adaptations are rarely good, they have been some exceptions, like 2019's Detention or Detective Pikachu. 2006's Silent Hill, however, was more of a lacklustre disappointment. But, the series could work really well for the screen, so it deserves another chance.

One thing that the original movie and its sequel really missed out on was the more ethereal/profound style of Silent Hill - as seen best in the franchise's second instalment. These movies were essentially ported from the first and third games, which is why taking inspiration from the beloved Silent Hill 2 would be a smart move.

This hypothetical remake wouldn't even need to follow James Sunderland's story. Just using the titular town as a framing device for a poignant tale about a person's guilt/trauma manifesting as a personal Hell would be enough. It could be a stunning "elevated horror", unlike the last time.


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