10 Awful Movies Dexter Actors Want Us To Forget

Even if you are a huge fan of these actors, avoid this absolute trash.

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After Dexter concluded all the way back in 2013, most fans believed they had seen the last of Miami's most prominent serial killer. But with everybody's favourite blood spatter analyst returning in Dexter: New Blood in November, fans are getting nostalgic over the Emmy award-winning series.

Even though Dexter actors like Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, and John Lithgow are synonymous with the show, they have worked on plenty of other tv series and movies. If you enjoyed these actors' performances, you may be tempted to check out the rest of their work.

But be warned. We all loved Dexter (except for the last season) but that doesn't change the fact that all the actors have popped up in at least one absolute bomb. Now, starring in a bad film shouldn't be a reflection on these performers' acting abilities. It just proves that any actor, no matter how talented, can get stuck in a dud. The ten failures on this list are so atrocious, it's safe to say that no one would blame Dexter Morgan for putting them out of their misery.

10. Pet Sematary - John Lithgow (Arthur Mitchell AKA Trinity)

Bedrooms 2010
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In this Stephen King adaptation, protagonist Louis moves his family to a small town in Maine. After his children's cat is killed, their neighbour, Jud, tells them about 'Pet Sematary' - a graveyard that can revive the recently dead if they are buried there. However, Jud emphasises how the dead never come back the same and sometimes, 'dead is better'. When Louis's daughter, Ellie, is killed by a truck, he buries her in the cursed cemetery, transforming her into an undead killer.

Even though Pet Sematary is great at building a tense atmosphere, the jump-scares are tiresome, the pacing is slow, and the ending is mean-spirited and anticlimactic.The one aspect that stops the film from being a total drag is John Lithgow, who plays Jud. Because he is the one who enlightens Louise about the mystical properties of Pet Sematary, it would've been so easy for Lithgow to play the character like a crazy old kook, especially with Lithgow's knack for OTT performances. However, Lithgow's subdued portrayal and endearing relationship with Ellie makes it all the more heartbreaking when she meets her grisly fate.

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