10 Awful Movies Peaky Blinders Actors Want You To Forget

It's best for the actors not to mention these stinkers in their resume.

Retreat Cillian Murphy
Magnet Films

Peaky Blinders follows a crime family in Birmingham called the Shelbys during the 1920s. Their leader, Thomas Shelby, does what he can to keep his family together and expand his business while avoiding the authorities and rival gangs.

Since its debut, Peaky Blinders has been considered one of the strongest TV dramas of all time. The writing is immaculate, the sets are masterful, and the soundtrack is gorgeous. But what makes the show stand above all else is the performances of the main cast.

In every scene, actors like Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, and the late Helen McCrory give their all, elevating Peaky Blinders to perfection. These performers are so good, it's hard to picture them giving a bad performance.

But, unfortunately, that does does happen from time to time.

The main cast of Peaky Blinders have all appeared in at least one turkey that they desperately want the world to forget about.

Sometimes, it's hard to explain why these movies didn't work. Despite having a great premise, cast, director, and script, a film just doesn't come together. The only thing we do know is that these Peaky Blinder actors must deeply regret appearing in these duds.

10. Sam Neill (Chester Cambell) - Jurassic Park III

Retreat Cillian Murphy
Universal Studios

Sam Neill may have sat out for The Lost World: Jurassic Park but returned to the franchise in Jurassic Park III. Although the Northern Irish-born actor effortlessly steps back into the role of Alan Grant, it's not enough to save the movie.

The original film had stunning action sequences, mind-blowing animatronics, CGI that's aged spectacularly, and enough Jeff Goldblum meme fodder to satisfy the Internet forever.

Jurassic Park III, on the other hand, is insultingly forgettable. Even though Grant's group battle Pterosaurs and witness a Spinosaurus fight a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the only thing viewers tend to remember is a velociraptor saying "Alan".

If a movie full of dinosaurs isn't memorable, you know the filmmakers botched it.

In action movies, it's not uncommon for characters to make dumb decisions to highlight tension. But the characters in this film act downright brainless. Who screams into a megaphone while surrounded by Sauropods?

Also, the Jurassic Park III ends so abruptly, you can pinpoint the exact moment the studio ran out of money. Even though the Jurassic Park sequels have some really dumb moments, there is no question the third picture is the weakest in the series.


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