10 Awful Movies That Opened On Independence Day Weekend

8. Psycho III (1986)

Psycho 3

A psychopath, a reporter and a suicidal nun walk into a bar... It's a pretty post-modern joke because the punchline appears to be terrible, gratuitous, and an hour and a half long. All the right ingredients were there somewhere, not to mention Anthony Perkins reprising his seminal role, but it was all a bit too endlessly self-referential. Perkins also directed this entry, but his style comes across as more of a copy of Hitchcock's than a refined homage. He later admitted, in an interview shortly before his death, that he wasn't really up to the task of directing as his technical knowledge was too "limited". Inevitably, it was overlooked by pretty much everyone, and was the lowest grossing film in the franchise by quite a margin.

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