10 Awful Movies With Incredible Casts

These films had such an incredible ensemble. What could possibly go wrong?

Dr Dolittle

We all know Hollywood actors make a ton of cash. Superstars like Robert Downey Jr and Will Smith can earn a hefty $50 million for a single movie. This may sound crazy but it usually works out, since slapping a megastar's name on a film poster almost guarantees the picture will makes an extra hundred mil or two. For example, look at Jumanji. Dwayne Johnson's star power turned a pointless reboot into the most successful film ever produced by Sony.

So, if one celebrity brings in money, what about two celebrities? Or three? Or ten? Because big names draw a bigger crowd, many films, especially franchises like Harry Potter and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, tend to have all-star casts.

But no matter how many great performers are involved in a project, it doesn't always mean the quality will be up to par.

A disjointed story, bad special effects or a ridiculous premise can doom a film, no matter who is attached. Even though you may be tempted to watch a bad movie to see some of your favourite actors, you will only set yourself up for disappointed with this lot.

10. Hotel Artemis

Dr Dolittle
Global Road

Cast: Jodie Foster, Dave Bautista, Sterling K. Brown, Sofie Boutella, Jeff Goldblum, Charlie Day, Zachary Quinto

In Hotel Artemis, Jodie Foster plays a world-weary nurse running an emergency room for criminals in a riot-run city. With a fascinating premise and a perfect cast, Hotel Artemis sounds like it'll have a ton of great action and witty banter.

But instead of explaining the details behind this dystopian world, Hotel Artemis dumps the viewer right in the middle of it, expecting them to fill in the pieces. You have to commend the movie for not over-explaining the backstory, but the lack of world-bending makes one care very little about the characters, especially when they're annoying as hell.

Sterling K. Brown and Sofie Boutella are solid and have great chemistry, but their conversations are repeatedly interrupted, mainly by Charlie Day overacting his ass off.

By the time the criminals start killing each other, you're relieved you don't have to hear their incessant whining anymore. Even though Hotel Artemis' cast is appealing, the film would've worked with less characters so it could focus more on a select few.


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